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Playtime 1 - 10 Pure 70s Jazz Funk Tracks . . .

Pure is right! This set is nothing but the real deal, and it features 10 killer slow funky jazz cuts from the mid 70s -- all tiny little masterpieces of funky keyboards, hard percussion, and spacey electro grooves! Most of these cuts have not been reissued previously -- and they're all offered here in a spectacular package that's one of the best groove parties we've ever dropped on the CD player after midnight. There's a strong CTI-ish vibe running through the whole thing -- and titles include "Three Days Of The Condor" by Rhythm Heritage, "Second Cut" by The Trendsetters, "Too High" by Joe Farrell, "Down Home" by Nick Ingman, "Peace Maker" by Rosko, "Saramina" by Daniel Janin, "Call To Awareness" by Hubert Eaves, and "Double Shuffle" by Preston James.

Playtime 2 -- 9 Pure Latin Soul & Boogaloo Tracks

A groovy little compilation of rare Latin cuts -- not all of them boogaloo and Latin Soul numbers, but all still pretty darn nice! The groove runs from Late 60s instrumental to 70s NuYorican funkers -- and titles include "Boogaloo Lebron" by The Lebron Brothers, "California" by Azquita, "Smoke" by the Latin Soul Rock All Stars, "Shingaling Baby" by Willie Bobo, and "Alone" by King Errison.
Playtime 3 - 14 Tracks Of Pure 70s Funk & Soul . . .

Stone funky! This is a super-hip batch of obscure funk tracks -- nearly all of them with a hard edge, tight guitars, raw soul vocals, and a very heavy beat. A few of these have shown up on other compilations over the years, but the overall package is excellent, and most of these tracks are only currently available on this hip set! Titles include "Do It Nice & Easy" by Eddie Drennon & BBS Unlimited, "Contact Off Funk" by Larry T-Byrd Gordon, "Doin The Creep" by Alvin Cash, "Funky Driver On A Funky Bus" by Charles Leonard, "In The Bottle" by Brother To Brother, "Hang On In There" by The Stovall Sisters, "Funky Robot" by Dave Cortez, "Hot Chocolate" by Chocolate, "Boogie The Devil In (Bump The Devil Out)" by The Chubukos, and the hilarious "Soul President Number One" by John & Ernest !
Playtime Vol 4 - Pure 70s Jazz Funk Tracks . . .

This series keeps on going strong -- with a brilliant batch of funky tunes that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere! Funky jazz is the operative term here, but there's also a bit of soul -- and the set's got a focus on those break-heavy cuts that used to show up years back on dodgy white label comps that you'd find scratched to bits in hip hop shops. This set's the real thing, with great mastering, a nice cover, and dates for all the tracks. Titles include "Takdropp" by Egba, "Orgy" by Nick Ingman, "Uptown Serenade" by Walter Murphy, "You're A Star" by Norman Connors, "Feel It" by Sigi Schwab, "Cine Mobile" by The Trendsetters, "Turned Around part 2" by Joe Henderson, "Do It To It" by Jimmy Owens, "I'll Move You No Mountain" by Hank Crawford, and "Dance Of The Honey Bee & The Funky Fly" by David Fathead Newman.

French Pop & Soul Experience vol.1 - Pure Originals French 70’s Soul Tracks

An enigmatic batch of funky tunes from 70s France -- killer instrumentals that sound as if they were lifted from American blacksploitation soundtracks! The roots of the music are a bit obscure -- as the sessions were headed up by lesser-known French studio talents like Daniel Janin, Francois Roland, and Jean Claude Pierric -- but despite the fact that there's no real big names on the set, the record cooks like some of the best bigger name acts at the time, and is overstuffed with sweet and funky electric tunes! Loads of great bass, keyboards, and cool moody instrumental touches -- all played by a host of different studio groups, under the leadership of the three above. Titles include "Green Smoke", "Tell It Man Tell It", and "You Want It" by The Velvet Dream; "Guess What", "Sea & Sky Line", and "Twins" by The New Boys; "Seven Hop" and "Your Thing" by Abrax; and "Yawn & Yell" and "Gochica" by The Drums.

The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band "Soul Makossa"

More than a musical project, it was with the initiative of French producer, Pierre Jaubert that this project was born. Oscillating between musical experimentation and respect of the traditions, Soul Makossa incarnates this fusion between African music, its rhythmic, its mysticism and Funk made in the USA.

After your first listen and beyond the technical prowesses of the musicians, a strange feeling animates you. If it's difficult for you to describe it, do not attempt any more! It’s a ritual.
After the very first title, you'll be initiated.

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Lafayette Hudson, Arthur Young, Donnie Donable and Roger Butaccavoli, seven musicians originating from Long Island,NY and recently exiled in France have a diverting imagination.
They’ll be able to draw your attention and request your curiosity to finally guide you during this trip through Africa and its landscapes.
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band is the proof that audacity and creativity are the undeniable engine for Afro-funk music.

The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band "Malik"

After the first LP release of the lafayette Afro-Rock Band, Soul Makossa, everyone was quick to recognize such an abundance of talent in one Group. The response was immediate to the new rhythm in their music, which was to hit the disco scene and leave such standards as Hihache and Voodounon. The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band is back again, with this L.P. titled “Malik”. A slight departure from their previous all instrumental L.P. This L.P features fine selections that continually reach new heights and take on newer directions with the electronic and percussive style of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. Without a doubt, the band has come up with some of their heaviest tunes yet. At this point, we could go on and on, but for those of you who have listened to the first L.P., you will be fully aware of what we mean. For those of you who are listening for the first time, the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band’s bandwagon is becoming larger and is readyto take to take people on their heaviest musical trip. - Happy movin’,groovin and plain ol’listenin’.

The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band "Malik"

Released in July 2004

1- Rhythm Heritage
“Three Days Of The Condor” 3’16 - 1976
2- Nick Ingman “Down Home” 3’03 - 1976
3- The Trendsetters “Second Cut” 1’54 - 1973
4- Daniel Janin & son Orchestre “Saramina” 2’11 - 1974
5- Hubert Eaves “Call To Awarrness” 5’17 - 1979
6- Joe Farrell “Too High” 13’24 - 1974
7- Michael Longo “Ocean Of His Might” 5’58 - 1974
8- Eddie Anderson “Inside You” 4’45 - 1976
9- Rosko “Peace Maker” 3’33 - 1973
10- Preston James “Double Shuffle” 2’10 – 1975
1- TNT Boys “Musica Del Alma” 3’32
2- Ray & his court “De Eso Nada Monada” 3’16 - 1975
3- Le Bron Brother “Boogaloo Lebron” 2’05
4- Willie Bobo “Shing-A-Ling Baby” 3’02
5- Tito Puente “Safari” 5’01
6- King Errison “Alone” 6’08
7- Mongo Santamaria “Forked Tongue” 3’17 - 1972
8- Agua Bella “Headstrong” 3’43 - 1977
9- Latin Soul Rock All Star “Smoke” 4’03 - 1974
10- Azuquita “California” 5’22 - 1975
11- Katunga “Bailando Despacito” 3’15 - 1974
12- José Mangual & Carlos “Patato” Valdez “Mascote” 6’37 - 1974
13- El Chicano “Viva Tirado” 4’39
1- Larry “T-Byrd” Gordon “Contact Off Funk” 4’27 - 1979
2- Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills “Doi’n The Creep” 2’55 - 1972
3- Charles Leonard “Funky Driver On A Funky Bus” 3’19 - 1971
4- Brother To Brother “In The Bottle“ 2’59 - 1974
5- Bus People Express “Augusta Georgia(Here I Come)” 2’07
6- The Stovall Sisters “Hang On It There” 3’32 - 1971
7- The Chubukos “Boogie The Devil In(Bump The Devil Out)” 2’57 - 1974
8- Chocolate Caliente “Hot Chocolate” 3’42 - 1975
9- Dave “Baby” Cortez “Funky Robot” 2’45 - 1969
10- Soul Mann & The Brothers “Walk From Regio’s” 2’20 – 1970
11- Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited “Do It Nice And Easy” 4’46 - 1976
12- Jackie Lee “The Chicken” 3’22
13- Little Beaver “Funkadelic Sound” 2’31 - 1977
14- John & Ernest “Soul President Number One” 1’56
1- Aquarian Dream “You’re A Star” 5’29 - 1978
2- Hank Crawford “I’ll Move You No Mountain” 4’01 - 1976
3- Walter Murphy “Uptown Serenade ” 3’42 - 1977
4- Egba “Takdropp” 2’52 - 1976
5- Ronnie Foster “Cheshire Cat” 4’54 - 1975
6- Nick Ingman “Orgy” 2’44
7- The Trendsetters “Cine Mobile” 2’10 - 1973
8- Siegfried Schwab “Feel It” 4’45 - 1975
9- David Fathead Newman “Dance Of The 10- Honey Bee And The Funfy Fly” 6’16 - 1978
11- Joe Henderson “Turned around” 2’45 - 1973
12- Jimmy Owens “Do It To It” 6’18 - 1976
13- Nucleus – Ian Carr “Roots” 5’14 – 1973
1- Guess What “The New Boys” 2’15
2- Green Smoke “Velvet Dream” 4’15
3- Tell It Man Tell “Velvet Dream” 3’33
4- Seven Hop “Abrax” 2’04
5- Sea & Sky Line “The New Boys” 2’51
6- Fin Janvier “First One”
7- Twins “The New Boys” 2’20
8- You Want It “Velvet Dream” 4’32
9- Zakatak “Abrax” 1’56
10- Couic Ah “First One” 2’36
11- Bacchus Dream “First One” 2’30
12- Yawn And Yell “ The Drums” 2’07
13- Houston Town “The New Boys” 2’11
14- Your Thing “Abrax” 2’00
15- Gochica “The Drums” 2’25

1- Soul Makossa 4’20
2- Azeta 5’50
3- Oglenon 8’10
4- Voodounon 4’50
5- Hihache 6’50
6- Nicky “First One” 6’01

+ 2 inédits
Right Foot 4’49
M.F. Grayson 4’33

Recommended titles :

Soul Makossa : Force, power, warlike anthem.
MF Grayson : Youth and insolence, freshness and gaity on sunny afternoon.
Oglenon : Heart-beat of a people moving towards the exodus, lead by a guitar player named Michael Mc Ewan.
Right foot : Development and heat of a continent. When the tradition runs up against modernity.

1- Djungi 5’32
2- Raff 3’31
3- Conga 4’48
4- Avi-Vo 3’36
5- Malik 4’53
6- Darkest Light 6’15
7- Baba Hya 5’19

+ 2 inédits
8- I Love Music 7’08
9- What You Need 3’15

1-Motion “Walk On By” 6’32
2-Boris Gardiner “Ain’t No Sunshine” 3’01
3- Elizabeth Archer & The Equators “ Feel Like Making Love” 3’31
4- The Chosen Few “People make The World Go wrong” 3’19
5- Bob & Marcia “I Don’t Care” 2’21
6- Ken Boothe “Sandie” 3’18
7- Dave and Ansell Collins “My Best Girl” 2’19
8- Bob Andy “You Don’t Know” 3’16
9- Al Campbell “When Spring Is Around” 2’43
10- Derrick Harriot “Go Away Dream” 3’30
11- Seventh Extension “Reason” 7’44
12- Marie Pierre Can’t Go Through (With Life) 2’49
13- Sister Nancy “Bam belly” 3’01
14- The Man X & The Wailers Band “It Won’t Come Easy” 3’21
15- Janet Kay “That Night” 3’24
16- Bobbi Houston “Make It With You” 3’04